Why Time Well Spent Beats Multi-Tasking for Minimalists

As a goal-oriented and intentional individual, I value time well spent.  It does not matter if it is a menial activity or something extravagant, I just want to make sure that my mindset for using my time is treated carefully; my time is treated as an investment.

I seek to add life and excitement to my days, and one of the ways I can do this is to balance my priorities with fun.  But I have to be careful otherwise I end up multi-tasking my way towards oblivion.

Western society has made a big deal about “multi-tasking,” and much to our detriment, we have traded our sleep, sanity, and relationships for hours of hitting those birds with one stone.  However, research continues to prove that multi-tasking does not necessarily mean positive results (see: Forbes article).  The stress we bring upon ourselves trying to complete every task under the sun is not worth it (see: TIME article).  Multi-tasking, even for the best of the “movers and shakers” of the world, does not produce nearly as quality idea, actions, or results that simply focusing on one thing at a time does.  The more items we add to our juggling act, the more risk there is in dropping everything.  Personally, I would rather deal with one item at a time – would not want to over-complicated my juggling routine!

This is where minimalism gets it right.  Minimalism supports a simple lifestyle in which we can focus thoroughly on one task at a time.  Yes, I understand that we do not always have the luxury of slowing down (our work, family, and personal lives may become tangled as life happens), but we can learn to implement minimalist practices to our lives anyhow.  The way I see it, my ducks will not always be in a row.  The little rascals are bound to wander around, get lost, or gather an army, and I might not always be able to stop them!  However, I can manage my time in order to reach my goal of spending my time well by figuring out what my goals and priorities are.  I can control my obligations, commitments, and plan for the crazy days.  “Busy= Stress” is not an ultimatum.  We have the power to keep busy without getting in over our heads and can change the way we spend our time.  Busy can equal happiness and contentment!

Organizing a perfect schedule may not happen exactly the way we envision it – even if we are expert organizers.  We will always have to keep trying.  The good news is, we are able to spend our time well, and it is going to look different for every individual. Pass it on!


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