One minor struggle I have come across while implementing various minimalist techniques is distinguishing between doing too little and doing too much.  To be honest, I often weigh out on the side of too much.  Like a lot of things, one of my weaknesses is to jump in too fast and forget to bring balance to this project.  Case in point, when I started using the strategies I found to clean out my stuff, I found myself eyeing nearly everything I had out to determine if I really needed it there.

I did one of two things: 1) grabbed as much as I could and placed everything in a long-term storage box, or 2) got to an item and could not make a decision on it and left it there.

Both choices resulted in the same thing: a hint of frustration and impatience.

I am sure we all reach this point one way or another – I chalk it up to ambition and lurking perfectionism.  However, I realized that instead of drawing up a plan to keep balance in mind from the start, I just plowed ahead, too focused on the results over the process.

I look back thinking, “Wow. You really got too ahead of yourself!  It’s okay to slow down!”  

It is important to set goals, but just like any other project you set your mind to, we need to remember that an orderly, balanced process is going to give us the results we want – not a sped-up, sloppy version.  We ought to think as highly of the process as we do the result.

If minimalism is about growth, then let us bless the process with our patience!  Pass it on!


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