In an earlier post, I shared my tips on traveling as a minimalist.  Over the course of the weekend, I took my new Osprey Porter travel pack ( Osprey Porter 46L Travel Pack) on its inaugural trip to Iowa for Tulip Festival, which was great fun!

Anyhow, I thought I would provide a review on this new pack to supplement my Minimalist Travel Tips:

I found the Osprey Porter 46L pack on the REI website and was excited to see that my local shop had it in stock.  Upon examining it, I noticed a few features that drew my interest:

  1.  Zip-away backpack straps and waist belt
  2. Limited space – only 46 liters
  3. Cost- $130.00 REI and Osprey website  (see link above for Osprey’s website)
  4. Fits within the standard carry-on regulations for most airlines
  5. Plenty of pockets for organization without becoming too much
  6. Multiple ways to carry:  along with backpack straps, there are loops to add a shoulder strap (buy separately), a handle on the length and one on each end

This pack exceeded my expectations as a minimalist traveler.  I prefer to keep my hands free (see: Minimalist Travel Tips) and to limit how much I bring as to prevent bogging myself down.  Despite having a little concern when packing it for the first time, I found out very quickly that I had more than enough space- even enough to bring a few splurge items!

This pack is quite durable and streamline:  I did not feel like the pack took up much space in the car or on my back.  A bonus of the purchase is that my Osprey Daylite day pack fits on the outside of the Porter under the two large straps that fasten to the width of the pack.

I highly recommend the Osprey Porter 46L travel pack for minimalists and travelers alike for short and medium-length adventures.  Only $130.00 at REI and the Osprey website, it is a well-made investment luggage piece that provides flexibility for any adventure!  That being said, if you are looking for a new travel pack or purchasing one for the first time, check out the Osprey Porter 46!  Pass it on!


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