Well I have finally reached the last pages of my first bullet journal and my, what a journey it has been so far!  While my bullet journal is pretty simple, I made it my goal to stick with it to completion, despite the hundreds of examples that pop up every day from friends, social media groups, and blogs I follow.

So far, I have see a growth in the quality of my life as an individual and with the people I interact with:

  1.  I am less stressed because I can write my lists and keep them short.  I found that if I write a list at the beginning of the week that entails everything I need and/or want to accomplish, I can evenly distribute it throughout the week, allowing myself flexibility and free time to plan for the pop-ups.
  2. I am more organized because I do not have sticky notes and fly-away papers cluttering my desk.  The more I use my journal and have it readily-accessible, the more likely for me to keep my notes in one place.
  3. I have free time to relax and not worry that I’m forgetting to do something.  I used to wonder if I was missing any details or if I forgot to take care of crucial matters.  Now that I use a bullet journal, I can manage when I get things done and see how much time there actually is in a day that I can put to self-care.
  4. That free time can also be used to build relationships.  As I have listed in my goals at the very front of my bullet journal, one of my goals was to invest into relationships.  My bullet journal not only allowed me to see how much time I had and balance priorities with fun, it helped me to constructively shape my time to build my relationships with friends and family.  A dedicated letter writer, I created a pages to keep the contact information for my consistent “pen pals.”
  5. I am intentional about my time.  Instead of wasting a bunch of time trying to come up with something to do, I developed time management by using what little bursts of time I had throughout the day to make little notes, creating a “down-time” list of ideas to refer to, and evenly space out tasks in order to maintain progress.

With all of this in mind, I have a new set of goals to improve upon in my new journal:

  1. Write more goal-oriented lists that can be referred to day to day.
  2. Add a hint of creativity to a simple journal layout.
  3. Develop better reflection habits that utilize goal-oriented lists frequently.

The most important development in the journey of using my first bullet journal was the fact that the first blog I read described the importance of accepting little mistakes.  Knowing that I am often a perfectionist, I was worried that I would make a mistake and give up on the whole process.  I was worried that it was solely my problem… which was entirely wrong!  Thankfully, I noted the potential for this issue to surface and made it my goal to pursue bullet journaling despite any errors I made along the way.  Looking back in my journal, it is easy to spot the minor flaws, but truth is, they are just that: minor.  Though I have had ups and downs throughout this journal, there were certainly more ups, which I hope to build on in my new journal! Pass it on!


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