When I look for inspiration to enrich my life as a minimalist, I pour over blogs and books until I find something that clicks.  One strategy that helped me start out on the right foot was  The Minimalists’ Minimalism Game.

For those of you not familiar with the Minimalism Game, it is simply taking a month getting rid of a number of items each day.  For example, day one = one item, day two = two items, etc. Try to hold out as long as you can. Anything counts! And while you’re at it, check out their website The Minimalists for more inspiration!

Here’s my two cents (or rather five) on my experience:

  1. When I discovered this challenge, I was not convinced it would be hard to do.  I had read the blogs that shared the stats on how many possessions a typical family (in the Western world) owns, so I figured: How hard can it be? I’ll definitely find items!
  2. The first days truly made a difference- even if I was only finding one or two items at first.  I did not realize how much stuff I was hanging onto just for the sake of “hanging on.”  Those items were the first to go and I feel so much better!
  3. While I did not take the items out of my house everyday (I had limited time to sell or donate items, and did not want to resort to throwing things away simply to remove it from my home), I designated boxes as strict holding stations for my “sell” and “donate” items.  Once items went in the boxes, they did NOT come back out.  I ended up making a few hundred dollars from clothing by saving it until I had  time to bring everything to a consignment shop.
  4. I didn’t have anyone to do this challenge with, but I did find a willing accountability partner who I checked in with daily for encouragement and to inform that I didn’t cheat.  Having a buddy helps!
  5. The game did become a challenge as I worked my way to the end of the month.  I found myself critiquing lots of stuff and finding my weaknesses (areas I spend too much in/ fears).

All in all, this approach to simplifying my belongings played a significant impact on my perspective of minimalism, along with a good “go-to” activity to start anytime.  The Minimalism Game can be played as many times as you like – I’ve already found that I could incorporate Marie Kondo’s tidying method to the game by playing in categories (i.e. clothes, accessories, memorabilia, etc).  Having participated once in this challenge, I know what to expect the next time I play… which will probably be soon*!  Pass it on!

*Curious about the details of my next minimalism game?  During my next round, I will document something about each day: my thoughts on the challenge, my strategy, perspectives on “why,” or a picture of my progress.  Stay tuned!




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