When I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I was intrigued by her routine of completely emptying her purse each time she returns home for the day.  I saw the practicality of removing all the little paper snippets, old receipts, and miscellaneous items to put in their respective places.  While reading the chapter, I wondered: Just what exactly is in my purse right now?  Why do I have so many purses when I really only *need* one?

I dislike having multiple purses.  I know sooner or later the need will arise when I will want a certain type of purse for specific events, but I cringe at the thought of having a hoard of purse cluttering my closet.  I think back to my school days when a single backpack was all I needed day in and day out, and wonder if I could do that again now.  Unfortunately, I found that a backpack is not always the most appropriate option for my day to day activities*.

That being said, I narrowed my purse selection down to a tote for work, a black purse, a clutch for special events, and a green Kavu bag that seems to have endless space.  While I still feel that this is a bit excessive – I’m eyeing my clutch considering its worth to me- I know I can always downsize when the time is right.

My black purse is my everyday go-to, which I managed to clean out and keep the items in it to a minimum.

Items in my purse:

  1. Wallet – While this is pretty expected, I really like the wallet I have.  I picked up a Columbia credit card travel wallet because I was looking for something compact.  Not only does it protect against credit card fraud/electronic theft, it’s durable.
  2. Cell phone
  3. My mini notebook – It fits in the bag without taking up precious space and I can jot down my to-do list or a note quickly.
  4. Chapstick – I never used to put items in the little decorative external pocket on the front of my purse, but I found it is a handy spot to store my chapstick and retrieve it without digging through the main pouch.
  5. 2 G-2 pens – Not only are they my all-time favorite pen, I use them all the item so it just makes sense to keep a couple in my purse alongside my notebook.
  6. Keys – If I take my car, the keys are there.  If not, I take them out.

Sometimes a book or small bottle of lotion will find its way in my purse, but after I established the habit of emptying the purse every night, those items aren’t permanent fixtures.  By keeping my purse simple, I have found that I do not lose track of items as frequently and never worry about what to pack to meet my daily needs.  It is simple and consistent.   Pass it on!


*A note: The more I think about it, perhaps it is just my perception that a backpack would be out of place if I dragged it to the office everyday, but that might be an experiment I’ll try!  In that case, I’d be able to subtract one more bag from my current stash!



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