Top 10 Reasons to be a Minimalist

When I first started my bullet journal (see: bullet journaling), I knew I wanted to write down on paper why I was going to pursue a minimalist lifestyle.  I figured it was a smart way to stay motivated by having the constant reminder in front of me.  Plus, everything seems more official in pen and ink.

So here are my top 10 reasons to be a minimalist:

  1. A simple life = A stress free life
  2. I will be more productive with my time.
  3. I can pay off my financial obligations without the distraction of consumerism.
  4. I am free from unnecessary “stuff” – more flexible.
  5. Being a minimalist adds value to all aspects of my life.
  6. I have time to make more informed choices (for my lifestyle, opinions, etc).
  7. I will save more money.
  8. I will embrace a lifestyle that is not about achieving the status-quo…say no to the ‘quo!
  9. I will learn creativity and minimize waste.
  10. I will make a positive impact on my environment- the earth and the people around me.