I recently published a post detailing my journey to create a capsule wardrobe and mentioned that I would share what items are part of my wardrobe.  That being said, here it is!


  1. Black long-sleeved shirt
  2. Black turtleneck
  3. Black chiffon button-up blouse
  4. Black and white striped shirt
  5. Black short-sleeved shirt
  6. Light blue chambray button-up
  7. Plum long-sleeved shirt


  1. Dark skinny jeans
  2. Dark skinny jeans
  3. Dark skinny jeans
  4. Light-wash skinny jeans
  5. Black dress pants


  1. Black shirt dress
  2. Green tank shirt dress
  3. Navy blue cover-up
  4. Black keyhole dress


  1. Black 3/4 blazer
  2. Dark brown leather jacket
  3. Sweater
  4. Fleece Pullover


  1. Back tall boots
  2. Black ankle boots
  3. Black dress heels
  4. Dark brown clogs
  5. Brown western boots


  1. Blanket scarf
  2. Black and white striped scarf
  3. Purple scarf
  4. Black purse
  5. Jewelry (count as one)
  6. Belt


  1.  Pajamas
  2. Undergarments (including socks, count as one)

There you have it!  While I live in a winter weather state, I did not count my winter jacket, boots, or snow pants as they are season-specific and a basic requirement.  I also did not count workout clothing, as that is a non-negotiable part of my lifestyle.  I keep a single box of summer clothing in storage, in which I will swap out most of the jeans for shorts/capris pants, and trade the long-sleeved shirts for short-sleeved blouses.

Seasonal wear used to be a problem for me because I like the challenge of limiting my clothing to a number.  My number one advice if you are considering a capsule wardrobe is that you should focus more on the versatility of items than focusing on a number.  There is no prescribed “perfect number!”  I doubt my capsule will stick to solely 33 items as I continue to use it because we should not ignore our needs, but it is a good starting point to develop the mindset of dressing with less!  Pass it on!



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